AsiaWPA 2016 1st Half Competit


我的名字是Kent Wai Leung, 我在美国生活已经二十多年. 我在成爲婚礼摄师前, 已经从事设计方面的工作超过十年, 这对婚礼摄影的构图和后期工作有着很大的帮助. 我在婚礼摄影这一行业的年资不深, 但有幸得到ASIA WPA和美国PPA的奖行, 还成为WPPI认証的婚礼及人像摄影师.

My name is Kent Wai Leung, I live in America over twenty years. I was working as a graphic designer before I became a photographer, and it is benefit my photography work a lot because of my graphic design background. I am still very new to this wedding photography industry, but I am grad that I won several awards from Asia WPA and PPA, also became a certified wedding and portrait photographer in WPPI.



How you become a photographer?


我从少就喜欢美术方面的事物, 长大后也是从事跟美术相关的的工作. 从十多年前买下第ㅡ部SONY相机,从此就种下了摄影的根.最初我ㅡ直觉得摄影只是我ㅡ个兴趣, 从没有想把摄影变成职业. 直到我的朋友建议我一齐去做一些婚礼录像的工作, 我开始在网上看到一些有名气婚礼摄影的作品. 我才发现到照片是可以拍的这样特别,跟艺术品ㅡ样. 另我最深印象的就是Salvatore Dimino, Keda Z和David Edmonson, 他们的作品改变我一直对摄影的想法.

每个人都是一个故事, 从生活到工作都是故事的一个部份, 而摄影就是记录回忆和难忘的故事, 当你成为别人的摄影师时, 同时成为记录别人故事的一个重要人物, 这种使命感是笔墨难已形容的.

I love art since I was young, and my job is also related to it after I grew up. I remember my passion of photography was start from the day I first purchased a sony compact camera. I have never think the photography will become my career, until one day my friends asked me to do the wedding video work together, and first time I saw some famous wedding photographer's work, it surprised me that how beautiful of the works they have done. The most inspired me photographers are Salvatore Dimino, Keda Z and Edmonson, their works changed how I think about the photography.



Can you explain how you create this award winning photograph?


我会在拍摄前就想好我想要的构图,但构思跟现实通常都是不ㅡ样. 我在拍这张Love competitor的场地就跟我设定地点不ㅡ样, 因为最初的地点出了状况,不能拍照, 所以就在附近找了别的地方把它完成.这张照片我只用了One Light Setup,拍了5张不ㅡ样的动作,再用后期加工


I will plan the layout before I start the shot, but usually it will be big different between what is in your mind and what is the reality. The location which I shot this picture is different to my original plan. The selected location was occupied by event, so I have to look for the nearby location to complete this shot. I use one strobe light on this picture, and use the sun as second light source. I directed my client in five different poses and combined all together to become this final work.



What you learn from this competition?


其实最重要的是通过比赛, 可以看到自己的水平到达什幺的程度, 和从中学习自己作品那裏的不足, 加以改善.

The most important to attend the competition is I can complete with the top league photographers and learn from them, and improve my photograph skill.



How you keep the passion in the photography?


保持新鲜感, 尝试任何形式的拍摄, 当完成一幅作品或项目, 那些满足感和成就感是金钱买不到的. 

Try different creative projects, it is hard to explain the happiness when finish each project, it is priceless.



Where you get the idea from?


我甚幺都看, 特别是电影和慢畵, 经常把裏面的故事情节幻想成眞实的画面, 所以我的照片都比较有故事感觉.  

I love to watch movies and read comics. I always imagine how the shots become the reality in my mind, that is why a lot of my pictures are like telling a story.



What you want to try out in the future?


我想拍一些中世纪和现代混合在一起的作品, 这应该会非常有趣.

I would like to try creating a work which is the mixture of medieval times and modern times, it should be fun.

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